Tuesday, September 9, 2014

UPDATE: 10/27/14
Ballades is being shipped out this week to all pre-order customers. Thanks for your patience and support.  

Motion Sickness of Time Travel- Ballades 6xcs (HIV1142)

In September 2013, Rachel Evans committed to recording and releasing an album per month, each dedicated to the full moon of that particular month. Each album consists of one single, long-form composition using electronics, synthesizers and voice, totaling between 50 and 58 minutes in duration. The album names were taken from the Native American names for each month's full moon, and each was released as close to or on the date of that month's full moon. The albums were originally self-released in hand-numbered editions of 50 Cdrs, with each season (or set of three) having a different design and packaging scheme. In August of 2014 Rachel concluded and released the final recording. Beginning on September 9, 2014 pre-orders will become available for the six tape box set edition of these albums, which will include all twelve Ballades, one per side. Due to the limited capacity of cassettes for this version, three of the compositions have been trimmed so that no side exceeds 55 minutes. Even so, the full duration of this box set's audio is 10 hours and 37 minutes. Editions include six pro-dubbed and imprinted cassettes, housed in an oversized plastic box, with a two-sided 2015 lunar calendar designed by Rachel Evans.  Edition of 100.